Safety is #1

Safety at United Electric is always our top priority. Our team is dedicated to providing the safest work environment possible for all of our customers and employees.  


Electric Lineman

We value the health and safety of each employee, and strive to send each employee home to their families at the end of the day.

Each and every day we provide employees with the time, equipment, and training necessary to perform their tasks in a safe manner.  Safety training is an integral part of our safety culture.  During the onboarding process we begin our training and continue with refresher courses to ensure that safety and best practices are followed.  At United Electric, we facilitate and empower every employee to engage in the overall safety program.  Safety is a core value at United Electric and we will not compromise it for any business pursuit or practice.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Maintaining strict safety standards matters to us at United Electric. We protect the well being of both employees and customers. To help maintain a safe workplace, we conduct weekly safety audits and ongoing training throughout the year on potential hazards, preventive actions and OSHA regulations. We provide a strong safety program to prevent workplace accidents and hold our team to a high standard of excellence.

United Electric Co. Inc. has been a member in good standing with the National Electrical Contractors Association since 1968. Federated Electrical Contractors National Award for Safety Platinum Award

2011 Platinum
2012 Platinum
2013 Platinum
2014 Platinum
2015 Platinum

We are proud to have had a member of our management hold numerous positions from Governor, Vice President and President on a local level to National Vice President. In 1993 we entered into the Electri 21 Council at a Founders Level and now we are currently at the Governors level.

Locally, United serves on many NECA/IBEW Committees including Labor/Management Cooperative Committee, Health and Welfare, Apprenticeship, and Labor Management.

We foster and promote positive Labor Management relationship with our counterpart IBEW Local 369.